Carrera 3.2 Supersport

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In 1984, Porsche introduced the M491 option. Officially called the Supersport, it was commonly known as the "Turbo-look". It was a style that resembled the Porsche 930 Turbo with wide wheel arches and the distinctive 'tea tray' tail. The engine in this model was the Carrera 3.2ltr normally aspirated unit. It featured the stiffer turbo suspension, the superior turbo braking system as well as the wider  wheels and luxurious turbo interior. 

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Very limited production numbers resulted from it's substantial cost; with only 230 RHD cars being made in 1988, it has become a highly collectible and desirable car among enthusiasts.

Ron's stunning marine blue example has just undergone a complete restoration by our team here at Ktec Autohaus back to full delivery spec along with a complete air-con system install for our hotter conditions here in Western Australia.

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