993 RSR Replica as featured on the fuel tank website


If you’ve got a copy of the latest issue of Fuel Magazine (number 23) lying on your coffee table, flip it open to page 86 for an introduction to Perth based Porsche wizards K-Tec Autohaus. Brendan Anesbury and his small crew punch out some world class builds from the K-Tec workshop, one of which was recently finished for and delivered to F1 whizz-kid Daniel Ricciardo. But, you’ll have to grab the magazine to find out all about that one.

The 993 that you see here is a ground-up K-Tec project. But unlike the Ricciardo 912 hot rod and many other projects that are out the door as soon as they’re finished, some cars such as this blue beasty hang around for a bit longer to get ongoing love from Brendan and his team. A car such as this is regularly being tweaked and updated.

It gives the owner the best possible performance outcome and it gives K-Tec a chance to make the ultimate 911 by developing and modifying a car over time. We got a chance to shoot this and a bunch of other K-Tec cars whilst in Perth some months ago. Here’s a quick lowdown from Brendan himself about this one…


This is a 1998 911 ‘RSR Replica’. Justin Gan has owned the vehicle for several years. Justin bought the car to take part in track days to preserve the condition of his daily driver, an Audi RS4 Avant. It’s a full replica 993 RSR body including front undertray, all in lightweight fiberglass. Great attention to detail has been maintained, making this vehicle look as good up close as it does from a distance. Paint is a genuine Porsche blue.

The interior has been kept to a very neat RS style lightweight fit out with lightweight carpets and door cards, finished with colour coded door pulls. A half roll cage has been fitted for extra safety as well as velo rally seats with full 6 point harnesses for driver and co-driver. The engine is a 964 3.6 built to RS SPEC with upgraded camshafts, valve springs and lightweight flywheel. This package in combination with a free-flow exhaust gives a punchy yet super reliable power to the car. The gearbox is a fresh close ratio 911 gearbox fitted with a clutch type LSD.

Custom Simmons 3 piece rims are fitted with high performance tyres for traction in all weather conditions. Suspension is custom coil over struts with drop spindles and bump steer correction. Also fitted are a foam filled racing fuel tank, dual master cylinder brake system with cockpit adjustable bias. The brakes have also been upgraded to cope with the extra power and to provide endless stopping power at the racetrack.

Justin competes in tarmac rallies, sprints and track days in this vehicle and plans to maintain it as is, with the roll cage being upgraded to a comprehensive rally cage in the future.