Ktec Autohaus, has another side to its business other than servicing European cars and restoration.

The business name is Ktecrallye, we provide support to our customers when they decide to enter a motorsport event.


The process can seem a little daunting for a first time entrant and is somewhat time consuming when you find yourself driving around to purchase a fire extinguisher and bracket, mounting the two 1l extinguishers somewhere in your pride and joy as well as getting your R spec tires and rims swapped over onto the car then making time to get to scrutineering at the designated time. You get my drift, it’s time consuming, that’s where we come in .

Track day or motorsport - we set your car up at your convenience one day during the week before the event getting the car fully prepared , giving you the security and peace of mind that the car is safe for motor sport.

During the actual event we are onsite with our events trailer and marque, you simply pull up under the marque , and allow us to torque all your wheel nuts check and recheck after each run the tire pressure and adjust to suit the conditions , our team are experts and very experienced in motor sport.

This convenient service allows the customer to remain focused on the days racing , which in itself can be tiring and very involved, all in all making for a far more enjoyable experience.

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andy tudor

Justin Gan

Jasen Tan

Tim Davies

TIm Wolfe

Dean Pike

Luke Howe

Richard Bennett

Cathy and Jeff Foster

After the motorsport event sometime during the following week we can ‘Detune” your vehicle, check and replace any required fluids brakes etc and swap out the r spec tires and rims for your street set up ready for the school drop off ;)


Ktecautohaus and Ktecrallye , take you and your families safety seriously . We have many years of motor sport knowledge competing, and supporting at the highest level here in Australia and overseas .


Please enquire with our head technician Ferrari and Porsche trained Peter Thompson, he is easy to talk to and has a tonne of knowledge.

brad kidd