The ultimate 991 generation Porsche 911! This stunning GT2RS with the Weissach package has been set up and tuned by our team here at Ktec.

We gave the car a more track focused alignment and carried out a full corner weight setup to extract maximum performance from what is already a very  impressive platform for a road car. We’ve also fitted a set of Fabspeed Race cats with muffler delete, and along with the tune that we are continually developing with Etuners Motorsport Australia, the car is already making good horsepower gains with a heap of attitude!

Late night photo shoot in the shop by Jordan Leist


Blending retro chic with meticulous attention to detail, the Ricciardos’ ultra-minimalist 912/6 Outlaw is a timeless classic.

The custom-milled Ricciardo crest and bespoke old-school strut brace are particularly classy touches.

Excellence Magazine – August 2018

Built for Formula One star Daniel Ricciardo and his father, Joe, this meticulously crafted 912/6 “Outlaw” is the epitome of old-school driving purity.


Some pics from a shoot we did recently with Jordan Leist Photography of the TDL 911 Tarmac car we built a while back now. This is a really good package, 3.4ltr single plug engine with PMO carbs, 915 box with LSD and Albins gear set, big Porsche brakes and an AGI cage. This makes for a whole lot of fun on a track day or carving up tarmac rally stages!


The team from Horizon Driver’s Club jetted in from Singapore earlier in the year to check out our RWB builds and all the cool stuff we have going on in the shop. Here’s a link to their page so you can see what they thought!

Horizon Driver’s Club


In 1984, Porsche introduced the M491 option. Officially called the Supersport, it was commonly known as the “Turbo-look”. It was a style that resembled the Porsche 930 Turbo with wide wheel arches and the distinctive ‘tea tray’ tail.

The engine in this model was the Carrera 3.2ltr normally aspirated unit. It featured the stiffer turbo suspension, a superior turbo braking system as well as the wider wheels and luxurious turbo interior. Very limited production numbers resulted from it’s substantial cost; with only 230 RHD cars being made in 1988, it has become a highly collectible and desirable car among enthusiasts.

Ron’s stunning marine blue example has just undergone a complete restoration by our team here at Ktec Autohaus back to full delivery spec along with a complete air-con system install for our hotter conditions here in Western Australia.


We teamed up with the crew from Coast Cycles and put together our take on the iconic 911 Safari.

We started with a stock 1984 3.2 Carrera and rebuilt it into a 911 that doesn’t just look the part, this car can take the beating dished out to it in the dirt by Coast Cycles founder Jansen Tan!

Enjoy the video below from our two days of testing in the hot, dry, and dusty conditions of outback Western Australia!


This guards red 911 started out as a mid-seventies G-Series 911. The owner’s name is Rob Slater. We bought the car years ago now and originally built it up as an early lightweight R replica for Rob to compete in tarmac rallies with long-term mate and fellow Porsche nut Richard. 

This car’s done a lot of events over the years, but when Rob stepped up into a later model GT3, we decided to give her a birthday and set it up more as a cool little outlaw that would be fun to drive on the weekends. We cleaned up the body and went back to the stock early 911 guards.

We took the roll cage out and put in some period seats and trim. Suspension-wise, we lowered it and now its running bigger torsion bars and adjustable sway bars with Bilstein shocks. We are running 17″ Fuchs replica rims. The engine is a single plug 3.0ltr with 964 cams and PMO carbs. We kept the rally exhaust because it sounds too damn good! The gearbox is a 915 with LSD and ratios.

With sticky R-spec tyres fitted the plan now is to just enjoy driving the car and not worry about a couple of stone chips. There’s no stereo, it’s stiff, it’s noisy, the gearbox is hard work, but man is it fun to drive!


This car was featured in GT Porsche Magazine and Fuel Mag.

This iconic Martini livery and the custom wheel fans just scream late 70’s Le Mans.


A pair of awesome AMG Mercedes tuned in house here at Ktec Autohaus.

A stunning G63 wagen with stage one Evotech Motorsport tune, and a monster C63S, with upgraded turbos, exhaust, and Evotech Custom Tune, making a solid 700hp at the wheels!


Here’s a link to a blog from our last track day out at the Driver Risk Management, driver training facility. To see what your car can really do, in a fun, safe, controlled environment, contact us here at the shop for upcoming dates.